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Get to Know Us

Blooming Pilates has locations in both North Vancouver and Coquitlam.

We are experts at delivering the original Pilates method as it was intended by its creator, Joseph Pilates. 

Our studio is fully equipped with the gold standard in classical Pilates apparatus from Gratz™ industries and the Balanced Body® Contrology® line.

Blooming Pilates works with those from all walks of life, whether you’re looking to lose weight and build strength, prevent or recover from injury, improve athletic performance or simply move through life without pain. We’re also an education and training center for Power Pilates.

Yunjeong Jo

Owner, CEO & Head Instructor

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Yunjeong Jo - Owner & Head Instructor

Meet Our Team

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Manager Instructor

Ara Cho

Ara Cho - Manager Instructor

Ara began her personal Pilates journey as a student in 2017 while living in South Korea and she fell in love with Pilates.

And she is currently studying for her second Pilates certification with Power Pilates.
Ara has extensive experience with different injuries and conditions. Clients love her dynamic pilates class, attention to detail, and different variations.

"My Pilates journey began with a recommendation from a friend due to pain I was experiencing and an imbalance in my body shape.
I was pleasantly surprised to see my body quickly change in a positive way as I felt my pain lessen. Through the changes I experienced myself, I fell in love with Pilates and decided to become an instructor. While doing Pilates, the benefits can sometimes appear quickly or slowly, but I know that if I focus on my body, I will eventually experience a positive." change.

Manager Instructor

Haengmin Lee

Haengmin Lee - Manager Instructor

Haengmin embarked on her journey in the realm of Pilates as a client, only to swiftly become captivated by the method's distinctive movements. This fascination drove her to embrace an incredible path as a Pilates instructor.

She commenced her education with Polestar Pilates, an institution renowned for its contemporary-style Pilates, and completed the certification program in 2014.

In 2022, she seized a remarkable opportunity to participate in a workshop led by Sonje Mayo, a direct student of Joseph Pilates, the method's originator. Haengmin’s continual curiosity regarding the roots of Pilates was finally filled, and she discovered the answer lay in Classical Pilates, which adheres faithfully to Joseph's original system. She diligently studied Classical Pilates under the instruction of esteemed masters at Urban Classic Pilates, situated in Songdo, Incheon, South Korea. She became a highly skilled and specialized instructor with her second Pilates certification.


Now, she stands poised for a new chapter in Vancouver, Canada, preparing to embark on an exciting journey. With great anticipation, she eagerly looks forward to sharing her knowledge and insights of Pilates. To all devoted Pilates enthusiasts, she warmly invites you to embark on this journey together. "Return to life!"

Studio Instructor

Minji Kim

Minji Kim

Minji, a dedicated Pilates instructor, began her journey in 2019 with contemporary Pilates training through Stott Pilates. Immersed in the dynamic world of movement and rehabilitation, she quickly became known for her ability to craft tailored Pilates routines at a multidisciplinary clinic, collaborating with esteemed health practitioners.

However, Minji’s journey took an unexpected turn when she ventured into a private session of Classical Pilates. The stark contrast from the contemporary Pilates she had been teaching was not just a revelation; it was a profound awakening. This encounter was a turning point for Minji, igniting a realization that there was a vast world of Pilates beyond what she had known. Driven by a thirst for knowledge and dedication to her clients’ well-being, she pursued mastery in Classical Pilates. Completing the Power Pilates Teacher Training Course in 2024 marked a significant step in her journey. This transformative experience not only enriched her teaching practice but also fueled a deep-seated curiosity to delve further into Classical Pilates. Minji’s teaching philosophy prioritizes the highest standard of care, reflecting her commitment to growth and exceptional service. Through each session, she inspires and empowers clients, guiding them towards their fitness goals and unlocking Pilates’ full potential. In her relentless pursuit of knowledge and excellence, Minji is currently deepening her understanding of the human body and movement science through studies in kinesiology at UBC.

Beyond certifications and academic pursuits, Minji’s true passion lies in empowering her clients through Pilates. Whether in a group class or one-on-one session, she is committed to guiding them towards optimal health and well-being, unlocking the full potential of Pilates along the way.

Studio Instructor

Sunah Kim

Sunah Kim

She started her Pilates journey as one of her friends recommended it, and it didn’t take long for her to realize how truly amazing classic Pilates was and fall in love with the positive movement experience. Classic Pilates brought her strength, flexibility, stamina, and stabilities not only to her body but also to her mind and further on her lifestyle.

She wants to acquire more and deeper understanding of classical Pilates, so she took Power Pilates Teacher Training Course for certification. She spent hundreds of hours on Pilates practices and studying and wishes to share the benefits of Power Pilates with many others. She is fully committed to teaching Pilates in its truest form. Also, she has a deep passion for continuously developing her Pilates expertise and knowledge to teach and help her clients.

Her classes offer classic, integrative, and systematic curriculums based on the original exercises orders, and principles of Joseph Pilates honoring his original teaching methods.

Throughout her challenging but safe and rewarding workout session, you will improve posture, and increase your strength with better control and precision. Eventually, it will help you build a strong and balanced body and mind.

Come and join her class with mindfulness practice. She will guide you through each class to healthier, happier, and more energetic body and life.

Studio Instructor

Nikki Kim

Nikki Kim

I believe that movement and wellness are essential to a fulfilling life. I've found that practicing Pilates when I'm happy gives me even greater satisfaction, and doing it when my body and mind struggle feels like a rewarding act of self-care. I chose to start my Pilates journey at Blooming Pilates, to share this experience with my loved ones and build a healthy community.

Studio Instructor

Jiwon Choi

Jiwon Choi

Hi, my name is Jiwon Choi and I'm very pleased to meet you all. I have been practicing Pilates for four years, and I am very excited to finally jump into the field and help you become healthier and happier. I look forward to an amazing journey with you all, and hope we can all become lovers of Pilates together! 

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